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The Diamond Chase

(The Chase Fulton Novels, Book #23)

True allegiance is often mocked by those who lack the moral fortitude to openly oppose true evil. Men of wavering constitution stand in misguided judgment of the warriors who plant their feet, set their shoulders, and make a stand against an enemy the cowards are unwilling and unable to admit exists.

When American covert operative Chase Fulton and his team of battle-hardened, modern-day samurai are faced with an assignment of unimaginable magnitude, they not only rise to the challenge but also face the invisible enemy with the determination of iron and steel and unquenchable fire.

When unspeakable evil masquerades behind the veil of innocence and mask of honor, it’s up to the team to defeat and reveal the true perpetrators before the world falls victim to a lie so abhorrent and diabolical that it threatens the very foundation on which civility is constructed.

Experience the very heart and soul of Chase and his relentless band of warriors like never before as their fortitude is weighed and measured at the blood-soaked tip of a sword whose wielder bears no burden of conscience. Feel your pulse pound as you take every stride and taste every wound alongside America’s elite at their most determined, their most driven, and their most deadly.

Feel the determination, taste the depravity, and experience the thunderous power of the ageless battle of ultimate freedom and security against the forces of global demise.


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The Phantom Chase

(The Chase Fulton Novels, Book #24)

When American covert operative Chase Fulton’s life is turned upside down with news almost too good to be true, everything he believes about his world changes in an instant, and the life he dedicated to serving his country and the preservation of freedom suddenly fades out of focus as a new reality becomes the center of his existence. But before the dream of his new life can materialize, one final mission demands his devotion like never before.

American hostages, including a Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist, have fallen into the hands of Los Zetas, one of the world’s most ruthless and violent drug cartels, and no one is dispatched to rescue the doomed victims. As the truth about why the hostages have been abandoned by their country reveals itself, an even more horrific reality looms on the horizon for Chase and his team of seasoned operatives.

On the edge of the Mexican jungle, just out of sight of the resort paradise of Cabo San Lucas, maniacal forces lurk not only in the shadows, but also boldly in the bright midday sun, unafraid of those who would dare try standing between them and the imminently condemned victims of their ferocious, bloodthirsty fury.

Can Chase survive the mission he swears will be his last, or will he draw his final breath beneath the falling blade of the darkest enemy he’s ever faced?


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Singer — Memoir of a Christian Sniper, a Novel

Jimmy “Singer” Grossmann is one of the most intriguing and beloved characters from Cap Daniels’ Chase Fulton Novels. He’s not only one of the deadliest special operations snipers on Earth, but also a devout Christian, living a self-imposed life of exceptional morality. Aside from providing overwatch protection for his team of covert operatives, he fulfills a similar spiritual role as moral compass for his brothers-in-arms, sharing hard-earned wisdom and Christian insights into a life well lived.

In this fictional memoir of Singer’s remarkable life, novelist Cap Daniels, Pastors Dave Mason and John Grossmann will take the reader on an unforgettable walk alongside the sniper and explore unimaginable pain, loss, and heartbreak beyond compare as well as celebrate a life of incomparable courage, devotion, and self-sacrifice to both his God and his fellow man.

Meet Singer as the child of an abusive, drug-addicted, alcoholic father and a tortured, godly mother determined to preserve and restore a family destined for ruin. Experience the dramatic escape from poverty and desperation that leads Singer from his childhood into service to his country in the United States Army as a Ranger and Special Forces sniper before his transition to the life of a civilian covert operative. Feel the exhilaration of his triumphs and the agony of his darkest moments as Singer weaves the dichotomy of his two worlds into a seamless career and a life of sacrifice, service, and spiritual strength.

Let yourself be immersed into this unforgettable spiritual journey as Singer narrates his life’s story, giving the reader unrestricted access to his fascinating life that would otherwise be impossible to experience. Learn how a devout man of God can live an inspired, morally upstanding life while becoming one of modern history’s most elite warriors.

Singer – Memoir of a Christian Sniper, is a unique behind-the-scenes glimpse into the Christian faith that drives a remarkable man to overcome nearly insurmountable odds and distinguish himself as a terrifyingly deadly soldier, an endlessly loving brother to so many, and a fearless child of God.


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The Russian’s Lust

(The Avenging Angel – Seven Deadly Sins Series, Book #4)

Lust . . . Nowhere on Earth is the very essence of the word nurtured, encouraged, and exploited more than deep inside Sin City.

With billions of dollars flowing across the felt tables and down the seedy gutters of America’s black hole of morality, no place could be more inviting, more irresistible, or more welcoming to the dark forces of the Russian mafia than the city whose roots burrow into the desert, beneath the spot where the ground was first cultivated and the seeds first planted by none other than the notorious Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel.

Russian SVR assassin turned American agent Anya Burinkova must relive the horrors of her training at the hands of her former Soviet masters to claw her way into a terrifying world, where human life is little more than a commodity for sale to the highest bidder in this journey behind the glittering lights, and into the depths of the real Las Vegas few ever see and even fewer survive.

The stakes have never been higher, nor the depravity more palpable, than in Anya’s latest mission to stop a madman whose birthright was bathed in the endless river of blood pouring from the slain enemies of communism’s fallen foes.





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